• Law Enforcement Trade-In Program

  • Law Enforcement Trade-In Program

    What We Do

    Spectrum Tactical Services helps police departments and agencies unleash the financial power of their armories by converting surplus items such as old /unwanted/outdated/evidenced/seized firearms and optics into cash or credit that can be used to purchase new equipment from us or elsewhere! We are able to pay other parties direct on your behalf.

    Known for providing top dollar for what you have and quoting the guaranteed best price for what you need.

    What We Buy

    New/Old/Evidenced Firearms: Traded at value or salvaged for parts

    Transferable Class 3 Firearms (machine guns, short barrel rifles/shotguns): Traded at value

    Non-Transferable Class 3 Firearms (machine guns, short barrel rifles/shotguns): Salvaged for parts and destroyed

    Optics: Aimpoint, EOTech, Leupold, Trijicon

    Spectrum Tactical Services is not a broker and acts as principal in every transaction resulting in fast quotes and payments.

    How It Works

    1. Contact us with the list of items and quantities to be traded. Make note of the condition of the items, for firearms include what caliber and how many magazines are included. Please specify if your department has a destruction policy if you are including firearms.
    2. After we receive your list, we will appraise a trade-in value for each item or lot of items on your list. The total on the quote can be cashed out or used as a credit towards your department’s purchase of new equipment from either Southeast Silencers or elsewhere, we pay other parties directly on your behalf.
    3. Finally, a Spectrum Tactical Services representative will be sent to your agency to retrieve the items and/or photograph and destroy the frame/receiver to meet your destruction requirements.