• Gun Trust

  • Gun Trust

    Many gun owners have been hearing a lot about the benefits of “gun trusts,” which are specifically designed to hold ownership of firearms. Usually, these trusts are used for firearms that are subject to strict federal and state regulations, but they may include other kinds of weapons as well. Gun trusts can make it easier to handle firearms after the owner’s death—and may prevent surviving family members from inadvertently violating the law.

    NFA weapons must have a serial number and be registered with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; commonly called the ATF or BATFE. (If such a weapon isn’t already registered, you cannot register it; it is illegal to own.) They can be possessed and used only by the registered owner.  To transfer a registered firearm, the owner must get ATF approval and pay a $200 tax ($5 for some items).

    A NFA Gun Trust, also known as Gun Trust, Firearms Trusts, NFA Trusts, Class 3 Trusts, or Firearms Revocable Trusts; are an excellent way to legally purchase and own a Title II Firearm sold by Class 3 dealers as well as regular firearms.

    Here are some of our recommended NFA Trust attorneys:

    South Carolina

    R.K. Merting, LLC

    Gem McDowell Law Group

    Wiles Law Firm, LLC

    Spectrum Tactical can assist you with setting up a trust if you wish.